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Wednesday Wisdom: Ode to the Golden Girls of Business

July 13, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

As the camera screen transformed from black and white to color, the friendly faces of “The Golden Girls” appeared. I’m not talking about Dorothy, Rose, Sophia and Blanche from the 1980s show about previously married women living together in Miami sharing their experiences, but rather Marion, Sadieann, Jody, and Jackie, members in Women TIES, aged 70-80 discussing their busy lives within the entrepreneurship world with each other in 2022.

My regulars on our Women TIES Monthly Member-Only call show up consistently every month truly looking forward to one hour of time to connect with other women in our group and share their business news. Many times, just like at live events, personal news spills over into the conversation and instant inspiration, support, kindness, and advice take over the conversation. No matter what type of event I ever planned for women in business, women share personal and business issues together. It is a woman’s nature and something good that separates us from the other sex. We care more for each other, than the bottom line most times.

Women TIES Golden Girls

What amazes me about these women are how tenacious and excited they still are at their ages to run companies, sell products and services they love, and interact with clients. They are not only wise in their ways, but energetic and eager to keep learning, succeeding, and not stop. How is that for great role models?

30 years old was my age when I opened my first business. After 27 years in the industry, I still work by myself, interact with other women of all ages, and take in as much wisdom as I can – especially from women older than me. I want to look, act, and be them when I grow up! Such positive optimistic insight, healthy lifestyles, and an intellect for education and conversation, is what I hope for myself as I age into golden years.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspire you to look around and find a few of your own “golden girls” to study, interact with, learn from, behave like, or simply admire for their tenacious spirits. What can you glean from women ten or twenty years older from you right now to help you? What can you do now to ensure you end up like them in your golden age? Do you have a road map or life plan to follow?

If not, ask your own favorite “golden girl” out for coffee tuning into their success strategies and zest for life and business. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom and motivation you’ll gain. 

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