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Wednesday Wisdom: Tri-Colored Passion

June 29, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Females, Small Businesses

As I type this special Independence Day wisdom, since the Fourth of July will occur before the next Wednesday Wisdom, the American flag flies peacefully in my window adorning my porch and colored flowers. I placed it there so I could see it because my father loved the American flag, my great-grandfather was America’s “Working Father of the Year in 1946” a national award given to him since he had 5 of his 7 sons in the Navy, and because it reminds me that I have the freedom to help women 100% of my time because of freedom of speech.

“Working Father of the Year 1946” – George A. Chamberlain and sons

I don’t just cherish the flag once a year, but every day when I see it fly through my window or anywhere else I am. Part of my historic soul might be because I was raised in Rome, New York, the home of Fort Stanwix, where there was always a glorious celebration of our independence in its restored fort with fireworks blazing overhead. I have always loved the red, white, and blue.

As more of Women’s rights were taken away this week, my own tri-colored heart and soul for women’s equality was stirred once more. Life goes along with nothing changing, and then within a moment it changes sometimes for the good and other times for the worse. Sometimes we have control over it and most times we do not. So when an occurrence pops up that challenges our lives, we have two choices – to just move on by accepting the change or following our individual need to help change things.

It is not a surprise that any women’s topic stirs my heart but especially when it comes to inequality in any sense. Last I knew women made up 52% of the population so therefore we should be more than 50% equal to men in all issues mostly importantly pay equality and the right to our own personal decisions. The only thing I don’t like about “fighting” for women’s rights is the feeling that fighting stirs in my typically peaceful heart. I don’t like fighting, I prefer peace.

Women TIES 2017 March on Washington Sign

But like our forefathers and foremothers who fought for their independence from England when they landed on American soil, to suffragettes who fought for the right to vote, and the women in 1973 who fought for their own personal decisions on pregnancy, sometimes rising up is the only way to ensure the type of future we want to live in.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom, the week before Independence Day, is to pay attention to any stirrings in your soul about issues important to you personally or professionally. Whether it is charging the same higher rates that men charge in the your industry or picking up a cause affecting your daughter’s future, do it knowing women like you today, like those in our historic past, can and do make a difference when they choose to act.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, Women’s March in CNY – 2018
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