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Monday Motivation: Don’t Worry the Silence Won’t Hurt Your Business

June 27, 2022

Monday Mood, Monday Motivation, July 4th Holiday Week Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

Ghost town…roadways, bikeways, grocery lines…darn quiet in my city. After biking on this beautiful morning in Central New York, I realized this is the full week before the 4th of July falls on a Monday so everyone, and I mean everyone, is using a week of vacation time to make it a ten-day holiday. Why not pack on the time-off in the brilliance of the summer sun when you can?

As a woman entrepreneur, I used to panic this time of year when it seemed like my phones stopped ringing, social media business chats went silent, and you could tell no one was working. It reminded me of working my first day after Thanksgiving as a 21-year-old new hire in a Philadelphia financial services company, without any vacation days, and everyone being gone the day after the holiday. Nothing was happening. Ghost town.

So if you are feeling like tumbleweeds are floating around you, I simply want to remind all my entrepreneurial friends – especially those starting out – that it isn’t you or your business causing the silence; its everyone else taking advantage of the summer. Working 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week sounds about right when you are in the start-up and growth stages of your business, but there comes a time when you realize you can take a break – especially when everyone else is breaking, celebrating, and family-funning it!

If it still doesn’t feel right as the CEO of your own company, take your laptop somewhere outside where you can relax and do some planning for your future or calculate your past financials, and breathe in this different type of office day and setting because you can. No one this week, the week of Thanksgiving or the weeks around Christmas and New Year are ever going to blame you for taking time off because everyone does it.

So forget the ghost town vibe and dress in red, white, and blue and go toot your celebratory horns with others realizing as much as our country celebrates its freedom, so should we as flexible, hard-working American business owners.

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