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Wednesday Wisdom: Our Crystal Ball

April 27, 2022

A boisterous voice bellowed from a woman at the end of the table as she started introducing herself at my first ever entrepreneurial networking event in 1995. She had white hair, red painted lips, an aqua blue shirt and a killer smile. “My name is Marlyn and I’m a hypnotherapist,” she exclaimed standing up so everyone could see her. It would have been hard to miss her with that buoyant, hippie-like vibe in what seemed like a very professional female business owners’ group.

Nervous as all heck to stand up and announce myself the way Marlyn did, I stayed sitting barely spitting out my business tagline totally not confident in myself or words. I was not a public speaker by any stretch of the imagination at that point in my career. My predictable, newbie introduction was applauded by this wonderous 60-year woman, 30 years my senior. From that point forward she became one of my biggest business cheerleaders.

Marlyn Krch

I had come to love older woman who tucked me under their wing as I grew up. Olive Spargo, one of the most respected business women in my hometown, eyed me in high school and launched me into leadership positions young which opened up college and post college careers. Linda Kimball, a neighbor up our road, invited me to hostess and waitress at her private home parties as a teenager, paying me handsomely at the end and honing my love for party planning.

These older women were just a few instrumental females raising me in my business career before I even knew what career I’d choose, as if they had a crystal ball able to see my future.

So, when I saw Marlyn’s obituary in the paper last week, I cringed noticing I missed her funeral because she had private services. Gone forever was this sparkling woman who once inspired me more than she knew to keep the course in my entrepreneurial career even if the road got bumpy, changed, or went around large curves. She was a spitfire and someone I will never forget, not only because of her enormous amount of positive energy, but for encouraging me as a young woman entrepreneur.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to have you drift back in time to one or two women who really made their mark on you and who in doing so guided you unintentionally or perhaps with purpose into your chosen entrepreneurial career. You might not think of them as often as you should, but every person influences our lives in some way.

Take time to meander back through memories remembering the faces, advice, and evidence of some of those special women in your career, and thank them silently, or if they are still alive, with a call or note reminding them of their influence in your life. I wish I had done that with Marlyn but I have a distinct feeling she is still cheerleading for me beyond the grave. 

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  1. April 27, 2022 2:07 pm

    You have done all your mentors proud Tracy!


  2. April 27, 2022 2:37 pm

    Thank you so much Kimberly! I so appreciate your sentiment. They were all amazing women. Grateful to know each and every one of them. XO


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