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Stuck in Old Money Habits

April 26, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

When we were young most of us performed odd jobs around the house for our relatives and neighbors in hopes of making a couple dollars. I remember being paid $5 to pull weeds from my neighbor’s brick walkway on a hot summer day and $5 to polish my Aunt’s extensive silver collection. It was pretty exciting to make .50 cents for a cup of lemonade at a summer stand. The more expensive jobs like babysitting brought in the big bucks – $25 if the parents whose children I watched had a really fun evening.  The truth is if we were industrious children or teenagers, we were happy to be paid whatever our “customers” wanted to pay us.

I also remember working summer nights at Friendly’s and turning over as many tables as I could to earn more tips to go with my $3.35 basic wage.  On a good night, I’d finish my shift with a red raspberry sherbet cooler, count my change,  divide the money by the number of hours I worked and add it to my basic wage to get my daily hourly rate.  I loved when I made more money than the day before. I felt successful if I made twenty five cents more an hour.

Once I became an entrepreneur it was hard to convert my habit of working hard for little pay into working hard for more pay.  Lately I’ve listened to a few money coaches explain how women entrepreneurs can get stuck in old money beliefs and never earn what they want. But to be more financially successful, we need to acknowledge and get rid of old money beliefs.

Today’s blog is to make you stop and consider whether old money habits are holding you back from earning the revenue you need and deserve based on your experience and expertise. Are you still stuck in an old belief system? Have you been struggling to let go of old money habits to embrace new ones? Is it time to find guidance from a money coach or other women business owners to move you along?

Being industrious is an admirable attribute. Being paid less than you are worth is not.  Do something about any poor money concepts that exist and start earning the salary you know you deserve starting today.

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