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Opening the Door to New Experiences

April 5, 2022

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When you walk in the door of any new experience you are really opening your world to unimaginable connections, feelings, and people. Just like opening a window to let fresh air into a stale room, opening oneself to new opportunities gently transports you into a unique part of the world you weren’t aware of before.

As a man dressed in an all-black outfit politely opened the door for me and bowed, I entered a woman-owned business with blue mats on the floor, swords sheathed in cases on the wall, unfamiliar language on banners, and a warm greeting from a woman I never met in person but only communicated with for years via email.  She invited me to try Korean Martial Arts with her when she heard my new life goal of trying every single sport once in my lifetime. Often impressed meeting people with black belts, I never considered trying the sport myself until I received the invitation.

Kuk Sool Won – PKJN Denise Neacosia, Owner in middle

The door that opened for me was Kuk Sool Won located in Wolcott, New York and into the building owned by PKJN Denise Neacosia. Kuk Sool Won is a Korean martial art known for its comprehensive collection of combat techniques, in particular, it teaches an extensive set of offensive and defensive moves designed to take advantage of the human body’s many pressures points.

The one-hour, very aerobic and fascinating art, began with warm-up exercises which I performed and a variety of kicks with my partner. It wasn’t long before my heart rate was elevated from the exercise and excitement of learning something new. While the black belts were doing some routines, I was trying some white belt moves to see how black belts begin and eventually move up to higher belt status. Thanks to my fairly regular exercise routine, I kept up with my partner, Deb.

Kuk Sool Won Wolcott, New York

As the night progressed, I became an observant of intricate moves from students with sticks and swords. Totally impressed on how they memorize the choreography of each level, amazed me. I’m not sure I could perform at their levels even though I was assured it comes with diligence and practice. The class ended with me back in line with the others kneeling and thanking the founder of Kuk Sool Won, black belts in the group, and our instructor in traditional Korean language and form.

My one-hour drive home went by fast as the blood pumping through my limbs and body fueled more energy than I expected having. I thought to myself, “I believe I got to the pink belt status of Kuk Sool Won just by trying it.” Of course, there is no such thing as a pink belt, but for me supporting a woman owned business, partnering with a female member to learn the art, and loving the experience, made me a pink belt winner in my mind.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, Women’s Athletic Network and Deborah Sergeant, Freelance Writer

I hope today’s post inspires you to walk through the door of new experiences when others ask, whether it’s a networking opportunity, business exchange, or even participating in a sport you’ve never tried. What do you have to lose but the thrill of the experience which might just garner new energy, friends, and the pure exhilaration of trying.

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