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Do You Have Marketing Eye Candy

March 31, 2022

Thursday Thoughts, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

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“Oh my gosh, looking at those stunning blue shades the men are wearing and that gorgeous plum satin dress the woman is wearing,” I said to my husband after convincing him to watch Bridgerton Season 2 with me instead of watching sports. “Now don’t pay attention to what the actors are saying, just take in all the background visuals, because they are breathtaking.”

You would think I was a fashion or set designer from my comments, but I’m simply someone who loves, truly loves color. To me watching Bridgerton is pure eye candy, beautiful, beautiful eye candy that rivets me to each scene capturing every small detail instead of listening to the commentary.  I have always known art when I see it but could never create it myself. My creativity comes out in writing instead of décor or fashion.

Perhaps because it is the last day in March and the view out my window is of dull green grass, brown corn fields, parched russet oak leaves, and dots of white snow banks, makes the full color scheme of Bridgerton so glorious. I liken it to the dark, unadorned altar in my church on Good Friday to it Springing to life with purple hyacinths, light pink tulips, yellow daffodils, and white lilies with pink interior on Easter Sunday.

When I was choosing the brand colors for my company Women TIES, I knew it had to have a deep rich pink color to represent women so I combined the colors of red, for my paternal grandmother, and pink, for my maternal grandmother, and combined them to get a fuchsia shade alongside a light pink ribbon and black background. Over the years, I’ve had many compliments on the brand logo and I have never wanted to change it.

Today’s Thursday Thought is not about the typical business subjects a woman entrepreneur thinks of on a daily basis, but I believe choosing the right color for your logo, office, and even your clothes can say as much about you and your company as the sets in Netflix’s Bridgerton. You can captivate others by drawing them into the artistic designs you make for your business. Don’t underestimate the value of the subtle marketing tool of creating a colorful disposition for your enterprise.  

P.S. If you love watching strong, independent female roles, Bridgerton is for you too.

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