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Wednesday Wisdom: Line Up Your Supporters

March 16, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Business

Scott, Tracy and Adam Higginbotham – Boston Marathon 2017

Around Mile 15, a boy was holding up a sign that said, “Do you need a hug? If so, I’d love to give you one,” which I took him up on. At Mile 17, a young girl held out her hand with an orange in it hoping it would get me enough natural sugar to propel me, so I graciously accepted it. Then at Mile 22, someone shouted “Tracy!” and there was Women TIES member Jill Bates, who traveled to Boston to give me that last hug I needed to complete the 26.2-mile run. After crossing the finish line, my husband and son propped me up. When people line the streets in Boston every Patriot’s Day in April, it is to cheer on, help, love, and support strangers. I heard it’s the best city to run a marathon in for this exact reason.

How wonderful a normal business day would be if strangers lined our corporate corridor high-fiving us every time we needed to walk to the water cooler. Would a typical, long work day become an instant pleasure? Would we be even more grateful for the people that physically showed up to support us? Even if we can’t physically see customers or even strangers who might be super fans as they watch our actions and successes, they are there just not as visible as the Boston community lining up annually on Boylston Street.

So how can you draw from the energy of people who love what you do for a living? I think it boils down to a couple opportunities. The first is seeking for, posting, and reviewing testimonials from past or current customers. The people who truly appreciate your work already told you or are happy to share it with you for use to promote your company (or just to make you feel good). Second, paying attention to likes, positive comments, and appreciation shown on social media can not only boost your mood momentarily, but show the public you are a special business woman. Share those posts giving thanks to the contributor. Love is reciprocal.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom, as Spring brings more light to our lives, consider ways you can boost your own spirits or glowing comments on your company. Do you have past testimonials you haven’t read in a while? Could you post them to social media or your website? Do you have a stack of Thank You cards you collect with sweet sentiments in them and re-read them for a boost? Can you go back on Facebook to your birthday to read kind thoughts from friends and strangers?

Tracy Higginbotham Photography

If we need an emotional boost and can’t find Bostonians to line up and physically give us a high-five, then it is up to us to look for those beaming accolades of praise, soak them in, and remember our worth.

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