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Monday Motivation: Hope. Springs. Eternal.

March 14, 2022

Monday Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Sports, Female Business Owners

As a flush of blood rose to my cheeks as I cycled down a long hill on a 40-degree day, the saying “Hope springs eternal” came to mind.  Whether it was the warmth of a new day, compared to the howling winter cold of yesterday, or the fact spring arrives in six days on the calendar, or if it was just the endorphins releasing themselves as I coasted fast down the mount avoiding mini-ice bumps in the path so as not to tumble off.

However the feelings arose, I was grateful for once again, making fitness an essential element of my everyday life. Now committed to trying every single sport once in my lifetime, I’m like an energetic child planning athletic events for myself, my family and a group of women entrepreneurs who want to come along for the ride. Checking out a flying trapeze event for April, parasailing locations for June, curling lessons in October, and getting ready for a 20-mile Erie Canal ride with a woman who asked me to join her in June, I’m pumped up higher than my normal Italian energy and that’s saying a lot.

It is if I’m holding back on this big new dream when I’m already set to go! Have you ever felt that way? Maybe just before a long-awaited vacation, the wedding of a son or daughter, anticipation of a highly visual speaking gig, or an awards ceremony, you felt the way I feel right now.  So, what can we do in the meantime, to hold back our dreams a few days or months longer?  

Funny thing, when I googled for some answers, the only articles I could find were ways to stay motivated, as if most people lack the energy to achieve their dreams, nothing spoke to calming down before your heart bursts because you really want to accomplish your goals!  So, since I couldn’t find anything out on my subject, I wanted to share some expert tips on ways to motivate yourself, if my energy is not enough to get you going:

1. Find A Good Reason for Your Goal
2. Make it Fun
3. Change Your Approach and Don’t Give UP
4. Recognize Your Progress
5. Reward Yourself

This Monday Motivation blog post is to inspire you to either join me on some of my sporting adventures this year or making some big goals for yourself and using the suggestions above to help you do it. I am always available to pump you up if you need moral support.  Remember, “Hope Springs Eternal” when you have a goal in mind and go for it every day.

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