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Wednesday Wisdom: Super Exciting Marketing Campaigns

February 23, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

It is the annual rage around the county created by smart marketers. Getting your community outside to participate and enjoy your most treasured assets is not only a thing of wonder, but a work of art in the business advertising world. During mid-February in Onondaga County, you see the young and old by themselves, with others, and in groups trying to act inconspicuous searching for a white medallion whose location is leaked in daily clues in our local paper.

Today was clue #5 of the 2022 Treasure Hunt . There were definitely more people out and about searching for the medallion as I rode my bike in a typical place that the clues seemed to lead to. Wouldn’t you be out there too if you could win $1,000 or $2,000 if you found it? I must admit I was sort of peeking as I rode my bike in places that might hold the magic medallion.

Feeling excited and then let down by not spying this one-inch white coin, I looked at the faces of the kids excited to be searching for it holding hands with each other and their parents and people who looked like they could really use the money and then I didn’t care I hadn’t spotted it. I don’t need the money and perhaps someone else needs it more than I do. They are the people or person I hope finds it. Everyone needs a great stroke of luck once in a while.

Brilliant marketing and advertising ideas can be as annual as this one or a one-time stroke of creative genius to entice your customers, community, and public to really grasp your name and remember it. Small or big marketing campaigns can be as grand as your budget and as creative as your mindset. Even hiring some extra imaginative people to brainstorm with you may help you create a truly exciting marketing campaign to get your business name known more.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to motivate you to think of the hidden medallion hanging somewhere in Onondaga County’s Parks and how a local business enticed the community to get involved. Sometimes a great corporate PR idea brings more than a thousand dollars to someone’s bank account, it brings enthusiastic potential consumers to a business. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to launch a clever advertising promotion, just the will, idea, and a plan.

I wish you a thousand ideas as you begin your next creative marketing promotion or perhaps a thousand dollars if by chance you live in our county and find the medallion all while getting in some healthy exercise while looking for it. What a bonus! 

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