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Simple Business Breakfast Advice

February 22, 2022

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

As I drove out of a local nature center known for their hiking trails, serene environment and diverse animal visitors, I saw a large yellow sign that said “Pancake Breakfast this Sunday.” I knew this center used fundraisers to support their non-profit organization but advertising and hosting a pancake breakfast was a new revenue stream for them.

Sometimes it takes a large yellow sign as a signal for us to pay attention to the message too. My ever-entrepreneurial thinking mind right after witnessing the sign immediately thought of ways businesses can create their own revenue opportunities to increase dollars in their bank accounts. Some companies add a new product line to their existing service business, while others add services to a traditional product based operation. Some add both.


The companies that creatively add new sources of income might get fresh ideas from customers requesting something from them or client problems that need fixing. Other times a competitor offers something our customers ask from us after seeing it. Often times we witness a national trend in our industry and want to bring it home to sell. What is important is not the way we were motivated to create something new for our company, but rather being aware enough to notice.

Today’s blog post is meant to inspire you to look for the bright yellow pancake breakfast signs along your own travels, to listen to the questions being generated by your clients and to seek inspiration from national sources about new revenue producing business ideas for your enterprise. The great thing about being a business owner is our ability to add new offerings, when we want and then selling them to make more money.

Be wise and do your planning when it is time to add your own Pancake Breakfast service to your existing menu and then enjoy the taste of your new offering.

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