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Monday Motivation: Commit to the Change Ahead

December 10, 2021

Today’s blog post is a repost from 2015. The wisdom contains the same message to me, and hopefully you, today.

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The quote, “The hardest part about making a decision is the time leading up to the decision,” has always been something I’ve said to those I’ve loved or counseled when they had a big decision in front of them. The “knowing” of needing to make a change festers in our soul ready to escape the moment we give in to a resolution. Whether in life or in business, decisions can be difficult.

For a couple months I have pondered making some changes within my business. When the uneasiness or the “knowing” struck me late summer, I knew I needed to give myself enough time to ruminate about it, speak with a few trusted people and then when the time was right to begin the change. I think we all wish change could occur at the snap of our fingers but meaningful change…

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