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Wednesday Wisdom: Using Fandom to Prosper

November 3, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Hump Day, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

Higginbothams at the NYC Central Park Concert 2021

2,706 miles across amber waves of grain, mountains and lakes, a new acquaintance spoke softly in my earphones welcoming me. This was going to be a unique conversation, one I rarely have, especially during a work day, but it was an opportunity to talk about another passion in my life besides business, so I jumped at the chance. You never know who is listening to a 4-season successful podcast on the other side of the country who might want to buy from you.

The 90-minute chat flew by faster than an airplane taking me from Central New York to Santa Monica, California, where the podcaster was located as I answered multiple questions about my passion for the music of the Dave Matthews Band. As I told the man who was interviewing me, the band was the only male vendor I allowed in my life based on my business philosophy of only buying from women business owners, he seemed surprised or at least his pause made me believe so.

Scott and Tracy Higginbotham at Woodstock ’99 in Rome, NY

Questions of concert memories, favorite lyrics, and specific songs that had personal messages for me, were poised with my answers unabashedly honest realizing the interviewer was twenty-five years younger. Sharing my Woodstock ’99 memory (above) where I first heard them play, taking my son to his first concert in Boston and the other one to his first show in Saratoga, and why when I became bald only DMB music got me through, I realized talking with another fan of something similar was heart-warming and enlightening.

I’m used to talking to other fans of women entrepreneurs so it has become second nature to me; so, chatting that long about something else with a stranger was enjoyable so much so that I encourage you to list your top three passions (outside of your career) and find some podcasts to listen to – and then pitch yourself to speak on them. You are as much an expert as the next fan in your area of personal hobbies so do something about it and change up your day and reach a new audience.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom encourages you to branch out of your niche into the outer circles of your interests to find some new people to hang around with, get excited talking or listening to, and reminding yourself there are multiple sides to your persona. You might find a new way to connect across the country or globe, with like-minded individuals, getting yourself in front of new people that might hire or buy from you once they get to know you. There is extra promotion with links to websites and social media sites that podcasters offer to repay you for participating in one of their shows too.

Blogging, zooming, and podcasting are just a few ways to get involved and expand your marketplace while sharing similar interests with others funneling new customers to your doorstep – no matter what part of the country you live in.  

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