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Thursday Thoughts: Love What You Do Every Moment

October 28, 2021

What do you call it when you are in the middle of something glorious but at the same time wish it was complete so you could go on to something else equally wonderful? It doesn’t seem possible that we can experience the same emotions at the same time, does it?

Weaving in and out of a path that touched high river banks due to recent flooding, with a canopy of golden, orange leaves above, I breathed out a sigh of relief to be out on my bike again after spending the most splendid morning at an event I produced for women entrepreneurs in a warm, bustling coffee house in Rochester. Never wanting the event to end because the conversations, joy, and atmosphere were perfect, I knew the athletic part of my spirit, which hadn’t exercised in two days, wanted to be riding free and wild, up and down hills, with the cold wind on my face, and the wig off my bald head.

Women TIES Rochester Event

As I took each twist and turn on the bike path, glad I forgot my ear pods, I began thinking of the event I just hosted and the bike ride I was on because both had similarities. When I was at one of them, I dreamed about being at the other place and vice versa. Living in the moment can be good and bad depending on your patience level I suppose. Never wanting a moment to end, but dreaming about another equally joyful moment to occur doesn’t make sense, does it? I tried to think of a word to describe the feeling but can’t. Can you?

I love what I do for a career. I love the women I surround myself with. I love being a wild, bald bike girl. I love nature. They are equally part of my energetic spirit that just wants more and more special moments being with, and doing, the things I love. Does that mean I’m selfish or self-aware?

Perhaps too much coffee at our event, held at Union Place Coffee Roasters, and that photo above that shows the love, is what it really is all about. LOVING what you do every moment of your life, as often as you can find it, in as many different parts of your life, as you can. It is not so much about impatience to go onto the next thing, as it is having such a deep love for what you do in the moment that makes you want more of it all.

I hope today you discover what you love best about yourself, your career, your extra-curricular activities, and do them as often as you can, with as much joy as you can, looking forward to the next best thing to come your way. You aren’t selfish, you are extra special.

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