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Wednesday Wisdom: A Communications Tune-Up

September 1, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

Booking a late summer adventurous anniversary trip for my husband who has always dreamed of seeing the breathtaking views of our nation’s iconic parks with half domes and towering redwood trees has been quite an adventure in itself, as any woman knows planning a trip to a new destination. Particular about every aspect of lodging, activities, driving conditions, and experiences, I’ve consumed more internet time than when Al Gore first invented it.

Along our meandering reservation path from San Francisco, Napa Valley, The Redwoods, and Gold Beach, I’ve met some astounding customer service representatives on the phone. I’m not sure whether to blame their effervescent personalities on Covid-19 taking away reservations in 2020 or their need to ensure business in 2021 but these calls have put smiles on my face.

Sure, I’m not talking to a Verizon representative but let me tell you, these people have been extraordinary communicators.  I almost wanted to stay on the phone with them longer and can’t wait to step into their establishments to see if everyone there is as pleasant as the people I’ve spoken with. I try to be a great customer service provider, especially when I’m the only one running my business, but I might have to kick it up a notch based on these calls.

As we become less likely to actually talk to potential customers or current clients on the phone or events due to the continuing pandemic, are there ways we can reflect a sunny environment when emailing, texting, or sharing social media posts that provide a warm, inviting spirit to our brand? When written communication is mainly the way people talk, solve issues, or answer questions now, how reflective is your style aligned with your mission and business? It might seem inappropriate to illuminate our excitement to clients with 20 exclamation points in written form to get a happy attitude across.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom, first of all, should make you smile, because I’m smiling as I write this and hope my positive energy is coming through to you. Second, the inspiration is to motivate you to relook at your communication style in written, verbal and social media form to make sure it aligns with your ideals and company brand. Tweak it a bit, if you aren’t “happy” with it. We all need a communications tune-up from time to time.

I promise to take notes of other amazing business practices I witness when I travel the end of September, but until then, let me know if there is anything I can do to improve the way I make you feel when you read my words or speak to me on the phone. It matters to me!!!!!!!!!

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