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A Peek Into Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs

July 6, 2021

Tuesday Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

The past two months I have been hosting private poolside chats with women entrepreneurs in a comfortable setting where we allow ourselves to be open and honest about topics related to business, life, politics, sportsequality, health and mental wellness. Each woman has two hours to share whatever she wants, ask me questions, seek guidance, laugh, share personal hardships and open up about anything they want. This conversations have been both individual and yet universal topics.

These conversations have been a gift to me and to my guests too. Today I want to share some of the less personal and more business pieces of advice shared by the women who have visited me. My hope is although you are not sitting with me physically by my pool or in my poolhouse, you feel the interest and motivation in business today.

* Women are peaceful and grounded in what they do for others.
* We don’t have to do everything ourselves. Let go and give away work someone else can do.
* Seek testimonials from clients and use to attract new customers.
* Sports build confidence in women.
* Today’s generation operates more through technology than person to person so keep meeting people in person when you can.
* We all have a book inside of us. Writing a book gets out what is inside of me.
* Turning an unused room in a house into a new studio can inspire women needing change.
* There is a divine design for your life. Look for it.

Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more wisdom as more women visit me poolside this summer. Until then, let me know what wisdom you would like to share with other women entrepreneurs.

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