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Rethinking What We Want To Do Less

June 3, 2021

Thursday Thoughts, Wisdom and Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

As I listened intently to a webinar produced by Andi Simon, PHD called “Rethink Your Journey,” my mind washed over 26 years of entrepreneurial life. When prompted, we wrote down what we wanted more of, less of, and would never change in our lives. Selling was the immediate response I answered to what I wanted less of – adding it to the top of my list. I’ve loved 26 years of running my own companies, but five years ago, after two decades of sales, I couldn’t do it anymore – direct phone call sales, that is.

Revenue totals dropped the moment I gave up making direct phone calls or asks. It was like hitting a wall where you simply can’t get through it or around it, and as noticeable as trying to run with a torn hip muscle. You just don’t move. You stop. It’s that simple.

Budding women entrepreneurs can’t imagine how much time will be spent on selling, especially as they start out. Sales efforts have to be consistent activities that almost supersede other duties. Pushing off sales responsibilities to an assistant never works either because the founder of the company has more urgency and knowledge of what they are selling – especially the first three years.

When I discovered a love for writing and social media marketing became an inadvertent sales tool, it became my substitute to direct phone calls. It felt easy and breezy. As customers became more comfortable communicating via email and text, limiting the need to talk to some on the phone, direct sales took a back burner to the old fashion way of securing clients or renewals. This was not the case when I launched my first company in 1995.

So, what do you do if you are tired of doing sales and your business model relies on it? As Andi implied today, we must identify the issue and rethink how we’ll continue working in the future or even rethink our business model. How do you begin to change such a big part of entrepreneurial life? Andi says, “Craft a new story for your future and remember even the smallest changes make a difference – the small wins, win!”

Business planning, here I come.

P.S. If you need help rethinking your journey, check out Andi Simon’s business opportunities to assist you called “Rethink Your Journey Online”, check it out by clicking on the title.

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