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Wednesday Wisdom: Influencer Marketing

June 2, 2021

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One of the most interesting programs we hosted in Albany was with a woman entrepreneur and public speaker who described how every piece of clothing on her body, her hairdo, and sparkling jewelry was sponsored by companies. Always intrigued by new ways to earn revenue or merchandise, she gave the audience suggestions on approaching their favorite companies for items in exchange for promotion. Ten years later, this concept the speaker was talking about is called influencer marketing.

According to, “Influencer marketing is like celebrity endorsement prevalent in the age of mass media. Instead of just gunning for movie stars or musical artists, marketers place their products on social media channels and other digital touchpoints in their given realm. And because of their relatively low cost and extensive market reach, 25% of small businesses use influencers for their social media marketing (Visual Objects, 2020). And this is why many SMBs are increasing their marketing budgets on Instagram.”

I’ve seen this happening in my own Instagram account where I find athletic clothing companies promoting an ad looking for “people like me” (aka bikers, runners, athletes) to take a survey to see if they fit their description to wear and endorse their brand. I am thinking of answering some because my friend Jo Moseley in England, who paddleboards across her country, reps a couple outdoor clothing lines and even has giveaways on her social media channels because of the companies she works with.

So, the next time you are flipping through your Instagram or other social media marketing channels quickly, why not stop and see if a national company is trying to persuade you to represent their line of favorite products, clothing or business items. Like any other partnerships in business, make sure the brand fits your ethics, image, and reputation. We want to always align with like-minded businesses.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to entice you to think of the items you can’t live without on a personal or professional basis and consider researching whether you can represent your favorite brands by promoting them in exchange for some benefits. Look within your professional industry and in your personal realms to find matches. Make a list of your “favorites” and start researching the companies or Google to see if you can be their next model.

I, for one, love my Asics sneakers and wouldn’t wear any other brand, maybe Asics are looking for a middle-aged, bald, athletic woman like me with a social media following, to give $200 sneakers or a hat to in exchange for video messages of photos? You never know unless you ask, right? Become a marketing influencer and see what it gets you. 

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