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Wednesday Wisdom: Follow the Bear

April 7, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Hump Day, Business Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Our world is slowly starting to expand again. It’s been a year of contraction, restriction, and self-preservation. We have been no different than a bear who hibernates through a long, isolating winter who eventually move forward slowly preparing for spring with abundant food and life again.

As we all begin to slowly re-enter our business world, going from restrictive ideas to expansive ones, I invite you to go beyond what you were used to before April 2020 into a larger, more connected world, where new opportunities exist and are ripe for the picking. At first it will be moving out of your home office or darkened office space, once full of staff and activity, at a comfortable pace, and back into your community re-engaging with other corporate owners and friends.

Beyond this first movement forward keeping going further into a regional or state-wide business mindset where travel on the wide, open roads, will feel free and unrestricted opening up business opportunities again. Then take the step beyond and broaden your national and international horizons – opening up wider than you ever have before. If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that we are in the same situation with global women entrepreneurs. Oceans apart doesn’t matter with an airborne virus

What wild dreams have you had about making new friends across the blue ocean? Have you even thought about how grander your life might be with an Italian friend, English vendor, or Australian mentor? Thinking that big, might not be something you are comfortable with, but I can tell you with certainty it can be accomplished and add unlimited value to your life and business.

This Wednesday Wisdom is to specifically invite you to join me and my English friend Dr. Juliet McGrattan on April 21st at noon to embark on a new journey of meeting and benefiting from female entrepreneurial connections across “the pond.”I want you to see and understand how easy it is to connect with women five hours away in another country where the similarities are striking and their wisdom and accents are worth hearing.

Starting this April, after the long winter of Covid, think like a bear. Come out of your cave, embrace the new light, and forge new vistas beyond your own four walls. Open back up to all the possibilities before you especially the brand, new expansive ones with limitless horizons. I hope to spend April 21st with you opening that door. 

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