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Wednesday Wisdom: Changes Towards the Positive

January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day Message, Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women, Women Entrepreneurs

Prior to embarking on a bold journey to take 120 women to the Women’s March on DC in 2017, my spirit needed some reinforcement and visions from history to carry with me as leader of our group. The bus was already secured, prior to the November 2016 election, confident women would want to travel with me to the nation’s capitol to see the first female president Hillary Clinton inaugurated. On the disappointing morning following the election, women called me saying “What are we going to do now? Our hopes have been dashed.” I didn’t have the answer until 72 hours later when news of the first Women’s March on DC was announced and I was determined to show up there for women’s rights.

Prior to leaving for the March, the movie Selma is where I turned for inspiration. Selma tells the story of the 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery in search of equal voting rights. It is a powerful film reminding us of the bravery, resolve, and heroic actions of regular citizens fighting for their rights. The Women’s March was not intended to be a fight in front of the nation’s capitol, but a peaceful demonstration like Martin Luther King’s; but we had some trepidation on what to expect the day after Trump took office. Would we be run over? Shot at? Punished for being there? I told my husband jokingly, “If I don’t come back then you know I’m in jail with a lot of other feminists.”

But the March was only peaceful, loving, joyous, jubilant, and heartwarming as over one million people came to show up for women’s rights. It was sincerely a beautiful experience. So when I watch the inauguration today of a new President and first female Vice-President in front of the Capitol where we stood four years ago, I am excited for a new intelligent, experienced leadership with multiple qualified females of every race, age, and religion elevated to key roles. I have always believed the more women in leadership roles – especially in politics – the better women will be represented in laws and equality efforts.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you the world changes in a positive way, sometimes slower than we want, but it changes for the good. Hold on to hope today, of all days, as more women join the political and leadership ranks speaking up for, and representing, 52% of our American population – WOMEN. If you feel the wait has been too long, there is something you can do today, on this Inauguration Day as a woman – pledge to buy from, and hire, as many other women as you can putting money and business in their hands and bank accounts until pay equality is realized and women rise in all aspects of business, leadership, and life.

Walk the Women TIES Mission with me arm in arm, hand in hand, for the world to witness by supporting women first and foremost.

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