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Tomorrow is Going to Be Different. Carrying the Torch Forward.

January 19, 2021

Today is the perfect day to share my optimistic blog post from election day 2016 when women rose to vote, and vote in numbers to support the first female presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It has been four long years with dashed hopes that women could still rise as President Trump was in office, but we did. We rose at every annual Women’s March, running for more offices, taking on greater leadership roles, and now witnessing the first female Vice-President Kamala Harris get inaugurated alongside Joe Biden tomorrow. I hope re-posting this blog reminds you to be optimistic for our future because the future belongs to women.

Women TIES

Wisdom and inspiration for women and female entrepreneurs

womanmountainIt’s amazing what a new day brings to the hopes of people. This morning as the sun rose on the eastern horizon with gold leaves shimmering in the warm November wind, I felt a surge of positivity brew inside me right next to the hot pot of water on the stove. The red tea pot couldn’t contain the steam from the water ready to escape its containment and either could my own energy. It was Election Day – an election day with a woman running for President of the United States. The very pink feminist spirit inside of me seeped out and intertwined with the tea pot vapors.

ElizabethCadyStantonTracyvotesforwomenbuttonMy first stop in my day’s journey was the white church where I would cast my historic vote. I’m known as someone who always “votes pink” for as many women as I can on…

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