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Look for 2020’s Silver Linings

December 31, 2020

New Years Eve, New Year Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

With my shiny black book with pink flowers adorning the cover, I embarked into 2020 with big hopes as a first-time published author. Brimming with excitement, my planner had penned in dates for book launch parties and celebrations along with speaking gigs to launch my paperback to wider audiences. Nothing was going to hold this new author back in the New Year, “watch out world,” I thought to myself as the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2019.

Luckily I slid in two television interviews, two book launch parties, a couple podcast interviews, and a radio gig, before plans halted in early March. The event industry was one of the hardest hit industries, and still is today; closing down all planned activities, even our first trip to Seattle where I had a potential speaking gig lined up to coincide with seeing my favorite band at the Gorge on Labor Day. Nope, “watch out world” was not about Tracy’s glimmering speeches but rather cautiously witnessing Covid-19 spread globally.

Staring at a blank event calendar for the first time in my 30-year event management and planning career, only personal goals, safety and health took priority over business for once in a long time. Always one to look for the silver lining in life, my large backyard became my sanctuary and playground, along with multiple visits from my New York City sons and their girlfriends who had to escape the bleakness of silent streets and stone buildings to breathe again. Fireflies, campfires, fireworks, hot summer nights swimming, and intimate conversations capped our time together. It was a brilliant silver lining.

While my company’s revenue took a couple massive hits, losing my longest financial partner and supporter, and members who couldn’t pay their dues, the only thing that helped my spirit rebound was watching small amounts of silver hair start blossoming on top my two-year totally bald head. Could my backyard sanctuary, abundance time with my loved ones, and a reduced work schedule be the contributing factors to my health renewing itself? Was the constant drive for event perfection, increasing revenue, topping previous sales goals, and traveling all over the state be partially the cause of my hair loss?

At Christmas I gave my mother a book about the benefits of spending time in nature, something she has done for 80 years as well as taught me. On my work lunch breaks, you can typically find me running, biking 9 miles, swimming, kayaking, and then returning to my office to work again. With Covid-19, the work portion was gone, only writing, keeping in touch with my clients, hosting some easy Zoom meetings from my pool house (such a tough venue to conduct business in), and hosting a few late summer small gatherings to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the US (a must!).

What I hope for you this December 31st, at the end of the most bizarre and tragic year for so many people, is to look for those silver linings within the pandemic that brought you closer to people you love most, changed your outlook on work vs. home life balance, perhaps even engaged you in more mentally and physically health activities that wouldn’t have happened if this horrible virus didn’t stop us all in our tracks. Nothing bad lasts forever so 2021 will be better than 2020, so take time now to look back fondly at the positives of the year because at one time we might just wish for the blessings 2020 gave us. Happy 2021!

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