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Wednesday Wisdom: 2021 = Improvement

December 30, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Business Success for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners for 2021

Taking out my trusty printed, hand-held, calendar planner used this year, I look front to back at each month noticing some months filled with lots of dates with activities attached to them, and others more sterile especially beginning in early spring 2020. One date sticks out, March 17, 2020, the day my husband and I drove $500 worth of food to our sons in New York City to make sure they would be stocked when the European model of the pandemic came to America. They all thought I was overly cautious in my helicopter parenting of two grown employed sons – oh well, I was right – thus cementing my place in our family of paying attention to international news.

If there’s one word that comes to mind as a New Year begins, it is the word improvement. Not only do millions of women set goals to improve their weight, fitness and diets, women entrepreneurs conceive plans to improve their companies whether it’s increasing the number of customers, prices, or new offerings. January 1 automatically prompts us to seek improvement from the previous year as if staying stable or maintaining the status quo isn’t desirable. For 2021, maintaining status quo while still in a global pandemic might be smart business. It doesn’t mean we are lazy business owners, just logical, intuitive, cautious, and smart.

While women attempt to maintain balance in their companies, doesn’t mean they can’t take calculated risks in their personal lives. As I committed to run 2,021 miles in 2021 with 5 other national women, giving us each 404.2 miles to individually run, it made my blood boil in a good way. A group effort with other women, which will challenge us individually while staying safe and healthy, is a great risk to live on life’s edge. No matter what your extracurricular passions are, look for a way to get involved in something safe and exciting as you begin this New Year.

Making “safe and exciting” improvements in your business could mean signing up for online courses, joining a new group of like-minded business women, re-branding your company, reworking your business plans for post-pandemic business, working on new marketing materials, or creating an exciting new mission statement. Not all improvements require money but rather a focus and dedication to change or action.

This last Wednesday Wisdom of 2020, a year when I hope my wisdom has inspired you in times of doubt or trouble, write down 3 simple or even complex improvements you want to make in 2021. Once you have your “improvements” on paper, write down actionable steps to achieve them, set target dates, and  take the action needed to get them going. Seek input or education if needed or just start if you have what it takes to begin now. Women TIES has experts in many categories to help you so don’t forget our valuable connections. 

I hope anything you start dreaming about today gets your blood boiling too. I truly believe we possess what it takes to accomplish improvements and abundance in 2021. We just have to go for it safely and wisely.

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