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Wednesday Wisdom: What’s Next for Women Like You

August 26, 2020

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Etched in black and grey print in any media the past few months have been the words, “What’s Next?” The question ignites a multitude of mental images as my brain connects the query with different sections in my mind related to health, life, entrepreneurship, elections, society, community, and family. Sometimes we know what’s next in some of these areas, and totally clueless in others. Certain aspects of what is next depends on whether we have control of the area or not.

Every time I have finished an anniversary of my business, big athletic feat, successful educational programs for members, marched for women’s rights, or made a decision to shut down a service we offered, the question appears – “What’s next?” It is as if resting for a moment on an accomplishment makes us feel unmotivated even if we just got done with a major feat. Are only the highly internally driven women the ones who back up success with even more success because that’s who they are? Does having one vital mission in life help us move from here to there or is it happenstance that budges us forward?

This week, I was introduced online to an 86-year-old Rochester woman, named Nancy Dubner, who immediately felt like a kindred spirit after reading her extensive 70-year history of the pursuit for equality in women’s lives. The article quotes her saying, “We waste so much energy and the power of our population by making women second class. Young women today aren’t going to take that. I’m very proud I’m a woman and outraged the women are still considered second class in this country.” Amen, Sister Nancy! Kindred spirits aside, reading her biography answers today’s Wednesday Wisdom theme, “What’s next?” because when Nancy saw something else that needed to be done by someone to help women’s causes, she got involved.

I think Nancy’s example is perfect for today’s modern woman and female entrepreneur. We must continue to get involved when our passion syncs up with a need in our community or marketplace. Whether that’s producing new products like face masks or hand sanitizer in a pandemic, joining a march because Black Lives Matter, creating a new sub-set in an organization of liked interests, participating in new industry global organizations, or creating an inspirational blog to connect people with shared passions, involvement becomes our next step. I never saw myself lobbying senators to support a bill to have Medicare cover wig expenses for bald women with alopecia or cancer treatments, until I lost all my hair and took the “next step.”

Tracy Higginbotham at Emmeline Pankhurst Momument in London, England

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should motivate you to think about what’s happening in your business, life or community right now that begs the question “What’s next?” Can a current situation, marketplace or community need place you on a path to something innovative, necessary, enjoyable, or life-changing? Maybe the next step is routine, tedious or uneventful but essential? Take 5 minutes right now to ask the question, “What should I do next?” in 3 areas of your life or business. Write them down and keep them close.

If you think about it, “What’s next?” can conjure up exciting, new possibilities meant to enhance your life or business experiences. Let’s promise to take that next step together because having a sister by our side makes everything possible.

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