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Monday Motivation: 500K Lessons for Life & Business

August 24, 2020

Monday Motivation, Inspiration and Business Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Running up and down hills on the hot paved road on a late August summer day, a slight humid breeze evaporated the sweat droplets on my brow bringing relief, to my bold summer goal. With just one more mile to go, I was determined to finish strong. It was early May when I committed to run a 500K with the OneNYChallenge giving myself health, mental wellness, and a brave new dream in midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. If I was going to be isolated at home to work, then I was sure as heck going to keep moving to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Committing to such a large athletic goal led to thoughts related to both the exciting and apprehensive mindsets faced by women entrepreneurs when they begin and maintain their business journeys including asking themselves if they were mentally ready to begin, finding tenacity in the midst when they are tired, or deciding to go big or go home when bad times arise. Many women often find their stride in the final stretches of entrepreneurial life as they get ready to sell or retire just like runners relish their finish line accomplishment.

What I learned running 310.686 miles in this challenge were common life and business thoughts:

* Do I have what it takes to finish this goal no matter what?
* How will I achieve this big goal of mine?
* What is required to start?
* Where can I receive counsel if I want to quit?
* Do I believe I have the grit to overcome obstacles?
* What is my reward when the goal is achieved?

As the sweat ran down my face as my mile counter turned to 3.1 miles ending my 500K challenge, I realized having daily commitments of smaller goals can help anyone achieve their most audacious goals. The brave goals sound great when they are achieved but they aren’t realized unless there are smaller plans and an overall program to accomplish them. “How did you run over 300 miles this summer, Tracy?” someone asked me recently. My response, “I ran 3 miles a day happily every day,” I replied.

Today’s Monday Motivation is to inspire you to set a couple audacious goals in life and business for yourself then create a timeframe and plan to break down the daring ambition into practical, logical, doable daily or weekly tasks. When you make this type of plan accompanied with a strong mindset, truly any goal is possible. Humans can do more than they think they can and eventually achieving a new, bold goal, makes you feel invincible and ready for the next one.

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  1. Tracy Erwin permalink
    August 24, 2020 6:31 pm

    Great article! And there was me 😉

    Hope you’re doing well Tracy 💕

    Sent from my iPhone



    • August 26, 2020 9:28 am

      Yes, there you were Tracy! Love that photo of us working out in Toronto and happy to see your face again! I hope to see you sometime soon via Zoom or in person. Be well.


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