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Wednesday Wisdom: Sparkling Success Still Exists

July 22, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Business Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Reaching the pinnacle of my destination, I looked out over sparkling white dots of light on the water. Frozen for a moment in its beauty, I took in the shimmering radiance as if my soul needed the extra brilliance to enlighten my mind to return to my office to create a future plan for my business and life left altered the past four months like so many other entrepreneurial ventures during the pandemic. Just for a few minutes, the cool lake breeze, with light bouncing off the water, gave me what I needed.

I remembered back to the summer of 2005 when I visited a dear friend in the Adirondack Mountains. Having launched my second company that spring and struggling ever since to help others understand my intentions, mission, and vision, she listened as I shared my pain and desires. Then she said in her always confident voice, “Tracy, you are trying to reach a higher peak in your business journey by encouraging and educating other women to follow in your footsteps to the top of their peaks so you can all look at each other on top of individual mountains.” For a moment looking at the shimmering water, that conversation and vision of mountain peaks resurfaced.

What’s been hardest in this pandemic is discovering all the small business owners struggling to stay afloat or on top of their mountain peak. I feel personally for entrepreneurs making heart wrenching decisions to walk away from their dreams, hard work, and personal visions. I wish I could change the world for them bringing back abundance, faith, and trust in their present and future. All I’ve tried to do since climbing my first entrepreneurial mountain in 1995, and then again in 2005, is to keep climbing through prickly weeds, rocky terrain, and shaky ground until the clearing leads to the mountain top where I observe sparkling lights bouncing off the water below – a gift for the weary climber.

As much as the pandemic has created trepidation and anxiety for people and businesses, I was reminded today to remember that eventually either at the top of the struggle or along dry dirty paths of our work, within us resides a ‘sparkle’ of knowing to keep going because times will change again for the better.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom sends hope if your business if failing during the pandemic or if you’ve lost your sparkle of entrepreneurial energy. There is something about the beauty and strength found in nature that translates beautifully to own lives. I encourage you to find solace in this beautiful summer weather, keep in mind what made you sparkle enough to start your business, and remember you have reached a mountain peak once or twice in your career already. Stopping to notice the beauty of what you have created is vital in these days. The acknowledgement might be the fuel needed to step off the peak heading back down to a valley only to find a new mountain peak to climb on the other side of it.

During the peace and quiet of this extraordinary time, my principal hope for you is to remember your unique sparkle and strength to do anything you want with your business and life from this day forward.

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