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Monday Motivation: Is Podcasting Your New Tool in Business?

July 20, 2020

Monday Motivation, Inspiration, Business Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, and Small Businesses

“What have you done new since the pandemic started?” asked someone on a Women TIES Zoom Program for women entrepreneurs. There was a plethora of answers given ranging from finishing writing a book, to taking personal online lessons in art to bring more creativity into a business, and finding time to read an industry icons’ best-selling book. All great answers but my response was, “Teaching myself to podcast.”

As a long time writer of an inspirational and educational blog for women regarding business, sports, equality, and life issues with a fairly limited readership of 3,000, I wondered if my wisdom could be shared with a wider audience via podcasting. I knew most podcasts involved more than one person speaking or being interviewed but I wanted to start by recording my own written words and sharing it wider since my followers love my voice on feminist issues. Plus, I wasn’t exactly knowledgeable yet on how to interview someone far away since Covid-19 prevented women to come in person to be interviewed.

In a much quieter business setting during the economic pause, I finally found time to research, order equipment, play with, and eventually record my own podcast. Proud I tried to grow my listenership with people who knew my brand, liked my blog posts, follow me on multiple marketing platforms, and asking people to follow it. Much to my chagrin, my listenership remains minuscule. So what is an eager, success-focused businesswoman to do next? You might have guessed, ask a popular podcaster to share her success strategies in a Zoom event to not only educate me, but my demographic of New York State women entrepreneurs.

Honestly, it is hard to start something new. I remember when creating a weekly blog post of 300 words seemed almost impossible in 2007 when I began, but like all good things in life, it takes commitment, focus, education, and repetition to become a good business habit or service. Just because someone as popular as Michelle Obama, can begin a new podcast, and have immediate followers, doesn’t mean the average woman can’t do the same. Ask my podcast presenter Nicole Christina, whose podcast Zestful Aging, whose podcast has been heard by people in 91 countries. Where is she based? Right here in Syracuse, New York.

I’ve never believed goals are unreachable because they are with extra effort and attention. We learn life and business skills mainly from others who have successfully gone where we haven’t yet, so it is up to us to listen and learn from experts willing to share their knowledge. Life is really a series of teachable experiences – sometimes we are the teachers – other times we are the student. Being a student has great advantages so commit to becoming one today in any area of your life or business where you need help. If you are looking for podcasting inspiration and support, join me on July 28th at noon with our special guest Nicole Christina and learn what it takes to become the next best podcaster.

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