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Wednesday Wisdom: Get Your Sales Shine Back On

May 27, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Business Strategies and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

As I began a new daily challenge of running 3.5 miles a day to hit a target goal of running 500K by August 31st as part of New York One Challenge, a phone conversation an hour earlier kept racing through my head. Ever since this economic pause occurred conducting sales for my business felt different. Worrying my customers and potential clients didn’t have money to spend on an annual membership packed with marketing benefits, limited traditional sales practices. Only worried about supporting my members best I could with my $1,200 stimulus money, I refrained from consistent sales calls.

With my Apple iPods in my ears, a favorite Florida Georgia Line song of my son’s came on with the melody, “Baby get your shine on, shine on, shine on” repetitively uplifting my feet and mood as I ran. As the miles went by my brain twisted the meaning of the song to have more significance to my entrepreneurial journey encouraging me to get my “shine back on” when it came to corporate sales activities. Why not shine like the pandemic wasn’t here? Why not be excited about selling the great services my company offers? Why not imagine customers have money to spend? Shine on became “sell on” by the time my short run was done.

Just like these last few days of tropical heat flowing through the air, it only takes a 24 hours to turn a cold day into a warm one making us feel totally different. Why not believe as New York State reopens its business doors our attitude can warm back up to familiar sales activities to help financial streams flowing? I believe if we really want to get our “shine back on,” we have the power to do so; and if we believe, so it will be.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to encourage you to think more positively about the financial prospects that lie ahead. As you know already as experienced women in business, corporate sales can decline depending on many factors only to rise again. Like before remember your corporate sales will increase again. An important part of that winning equation is getting your “shine back on” and believing you have the power to change your financial situation.

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