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Get Creative With Your Business

May 26, 2020

Tuesday Thoughts, Inspiration, Creative Tips for Women Entrepreneursand small businesses

I never thought of my washing machine as an inspirational business object until hearing a presentation from a woman running a national million dollar company years ago. Her success started when she was challenged to think creatively to resurrect her business after a failure. She decided to put every aspect of her business into a “creative spin cycle.” Three years later she became a rock star in her industry with a nationally recognized business.

Women entrepreneurs are faced with the ups and downs of business 365 days a year. They are also faced with time to think during this global and national economic pandemic. Just when we think things are going great, something happens to challenge the progress. Other times, we are flying high because everything is working well. Every small business owner I know has been faced with a scenario when they ask themselves, “Should I quit or keep going on?”

What the business owner said a few years ago is to realize when something needs to change you must look at the pieces of your business putting them into a “creative spin cycle” to see what comes out. What can you change about what you offer? How can you look at your services or products in a different way? How can you change a “cookie cutter” business philosophy into something new and dynamic?cookiecutter

Today’s post is to motivate you if you are feeling like your company needs fresh ideas to revitalize it by bringing every piece of what you offer into the light and shaking them up to spin our fresh new ideas. Like that speaker, you might need to have meaningful conversations with some trusted partners, discover creative collaborations, focus on what your customers love and test the market. Take what is good about your business and put it through the spin cycle to churn out more success.

If you need some inspiration today, turn on your washing machine mentally throwing your business into it and see what comes out. It might just make you and your company a new industry rock star.

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