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The Bright Side of Event Disappointments

May 11, 2020

Inspiration, Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Small Businesses

At first glance at the dark silhouettes of my backyard trees, I saw black figures rising high above the ground. The longer I glanced; the sun’s setting goldenrod-colored hues appeared nestled on their limbs if placed there by angels. In order to glimpse the illusion, one had to look beyond the darkness in search of the light.

How often in life do we immediately see the darkness of a situation, hopelessness, anger, confusion, despair, and sadness, as if that is all that exists; when in fact there is an amber light tucked inside hoping to be seen. Broken relationships, the Coronavirus Pandemic, motherless Mother’s Day, crushing economic losses, favorite annual concerts rescheduled, and rainy days resemble some of the universal etches of darkness in my backyard canvas; but if we open our heart to a glimpse of hope, peace, love, and light within these situations, we see positive possibilities in our near future.

As a thirty-year event planner, canceling any event once planned is a tough decision. The vision of an enjoyable event like a wedding for a young couple, community festival, 5k fundraising road race, or entrepreneurial wisdom in a room full of sister business owners, are created with happy endings in mind. But sometimes, just sometimes, circumstances cause an event to be rescheduled or canceled for the betterment of its outcome for all parties involved. With a heavy heart, event hosts announce changes hoping guests will return one day to the replanted occasion.

Within the last few months, dealing with the Coronavirus, new businesses had to pull back on their grand openings, non-profit spring fundraising races have been pulled off-road until the fall, large joyful wedding gatherings and sad funeral services have slimmed down to essential family members, only to break the hopes and hearts of the planners and participants.

If I can share one piece of advice today after three decades of event planning, management, and marketing experience it is, the “show will go on” at some point in the future, always for the better, when the same intention for the occasion occurs with a greater appreciation for the event.

If today you are saddened by a postponement or cancellation of an important or less than important, event in your personal or business life, remember the light that shines in the shadows of dark trees, because before you know it your event will take place with a greater joy for you and your guests and in the words of my favorite band, you’ll experience “The Best of What’s Around” in time. Be patient. Remain hopeful. Look forward.

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