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Fearless Decision Making For Women Entrepreneurs During the Coronavirus Period

March 11, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Fearless Decision Making for Women Entrepreneurs During the Coronavirus Period

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made” sits near my computer as I type. I have taken this little framed inspiration with me when I go on trips or speaking events where I feel anxious. This Psalm quote reminds me often of the words of my friend Kathrine Switzer, “Tracy when you are fearless, you are free.” She said this to calm me down after sharing with her my fear of flying after 9/11 when I lost a friend on the flight. Her quote is true too. When you let go of the deep emotion of fear, you feel better and are freed in some way.

I want you to remember both of these quotes of wisdom as news of the Coronavirus is featured every day in the media and as news spreads about more American cases. Yes, the thought of a wide-spreading global virus is scary in many ways but if we focus on the logical aspect of the spread and not the emotional facet, we can calm down knowing we have the “power” in our personal and business decisions to take precautions and in doing so we free ourselves from the anxiety of “what could be.” In being fearless, we also keep our immune systems strong which is vital with this disease.

I learned 30 years ago when I became an event planner to look at planning with both an optimistic and pessimistic perspective. I optimistically booked and managed events with the best outcome in mind for my clients, guests, and vendors; but I had to always ask the tough questions about emergency plans, weather precautions, and cancellation policies in order to be able to handle any scenario that occurred. I am not a pessimistic person by nature but I’m logical and smart and know things will happen that could influence changes in events and life. By being a very cautious planner, with a twist of hopefulness and glee, I have managed three decades of varying degrees of event planning and management.

I write about this subject today to help calm you down if you are worried about making a reservation to travel, attend paid events, plan your own events, cancel an appearance, or even make decisions on personal vacation trips. Be fearless in your emotions but wise in your decisions to listen to experts, communicate properly with others about your decision, and make informed decisions you can live with no matter what the outcome.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remember you are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ with all you need to make rational, safe, and wise decisions to get through this period of business and life. Remember there is also technology you can use to maintain communication with clients, associates, and vendors. Not all is lost by not having in-person events for awhile. Start now looking into other technologies to help you navigate this period so you don’t lose touch with your constituents. Where there is a will, there is a way! Women TIES will keep on booking events for the future with a policy to refund paid reservations if we must but we move ahead without too much fear keeping our eye on the near future when this virus will be in the rear-view mirror.

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