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Women Can Change the World for Women – International Women’s Day 2020

March 6, 2020

Inspiration, Motivation, Wisdom on International Women’s Day for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Women in Sports

I have a colorful collection of political signs in my collection:

Hillary 2008
Hillary 2016
Juanita Perez Williams 2018
Elizabeth Warren 2020

In my closet are copies of:

* Personal note cards supporting Joannie Mahoney’s Onondaga Country Executive Run
* Photos of 120 women I took to the Women’s March on Washington in 2017
* Signs used at 2018 CNY Women Rising Syracuse Women’s March I co-hosted
* Photos of me and my friend Rachel at the 2020 NYC Women’s March
* Copies of my speeches from past International Women’s Day Celebrations

Actually, the list could go on and on since it’s been 25 years of supporting, promoting and uniting women across New York State with my company. These items represent my pure passion for supporting women who run business, run for office, run in sporting events, and run together with other women in the fight against breast cancer and other female health issues.

Although yesterday was another sad day for women when Elizabeth Warren ended her run for President of the United States along with other strong female candidates, my hope like hers is that one day soon we will finally have a woman in the White House and an equal balance of women in congress, running companies, and being paid equally in sports.

Our time is just around the corner, over one more big hill, and in the near distant horizon. I believe it. I know it will take every woman to support women first and foremost in every area of life to make that change. I hope on Women’s Day 2020 every woman who reads this blog post commits to supporting women first and foremost in their lives when they have the choice.

We can change the future if we band together like never before.

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