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Succesfully Straddling Both Technology and Human Interaction in Business Today

May 30, 2019

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Sitting comfortably in my Boston Marathon jacket, hat and shirt, I turned on my computer to listen to 3 back to back online programs. The first video was created by Jennifer Rust, a Women TIES member, who shared her knowledge about creating larger profits for retailers. She also used the presentation to practice for a live speaking event in a couple weeks. I thought the idea was brilliant in terms of working out the kinks in the presentation and experiencing a new way of sharing her expertise.

The second video was given by Deepak Chopra who I typically absorb by listening to his podcasts and not through a video presentation. He had a special guest with him so the cross promotion is excellent for this other person who is not as well known as Deepak. It also allows Deepak’s audience, who might prefer learning through watching videos rather than listening, a better experience. I ended up in a quick peaceful meditation where a deep golden glow entered my body. I had therapy sitting at my desk for free – an unexpected surprise.

The final online program was a two hour educational seminar on using Facebook. Although, I’m very experienced in Facebook, I watched the online seminar to glimpse new strategies and witness how the presentation actually works. The New York Women’s Business Center coordinated the free presentation as they implement more online programs since event attendance everywhere is dropping as people access online technology for learning.

Technology is fascinating and offers certain services current business services can’t present; but I still miss the human interaction with other individuals that can only happen at “live events” where people gather. Like everything, we need to straddle old ways of doing business with new ways to stay both relevant and satisfied.

I was grateful for the wisdom gleaned watching the online presentations but also look forward to my next event where I can hug, speak and interact with women in person to keep the human experience alive and well.

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