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Overflowing Revenue Streams

May 29, 2019

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business and Women in Sports

On the shores of Lake Ontario in a small protected cove, the windy, wild and wet spring waters covered the docks where men, women and children stand or fish during Memorial Day Weekend. The skies were bright blue, without a cloud in the sky, but the banks were flooded indicating rain clouds had emptied themselves numerous times to wash away shorelines, walkways and front lawns of local residents and businesses.

Additional streams of water had forged new paths over the cove’s shore. The scene reminded me that no matter what the season – wet or dry, cold or warm – women entrepreneurs can create their own additional “streams of income” similar to Mother Nature. These extra streams of income may come from an overabundant request for services or products we don’t produce or innovative ideas inside us ready to be brought to the light.

Three years ago a Women TIES member came to my house to perform services when she noticed my pool house, pool and beautiful view. She said, “Do you rent that out for others to use? If not, you should.” It was her idea since she regularly reserves special places to create, envision and write for her business. I wouldn’t have thought about renting out my space although I’ve used VRBO, Airbnb and HomeAway repeatedly for personal use. Ironically, the pool house looks over a beautiful pond which currently is brimming with too much water and streaming slowly over its edge.

Whoever created these “rent-by-owner” places developed a new industry that rivals fancy hotels and old fashion lodges for their money. Innovative ideas may appear difficult to non-creative thinkers, but each of us has the ability to observe, listen and create. There is money to be made everywhere at every moment of the day for an entrepreneurial spirited woman who needs new or additional revenue.

I finally enacted the vision my member saw three years ago by officially starting today to rent my beautiful pool house, pool and stunning view to any woman associated with me or Women TIES including Wednesday Wisdom readers and event attendees. The venue is there for the taking, the price is reasonable, the view outstanding and the revenue beneficial as I regain my financial footing after a long medical sabbatical.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to get your ideas flowing, like the flooded lake water, on ways you can bring in additional revenue through new, changed or enhanced services or products. Business is about offering something someone else desires or needs with good service and quality. Have you been asked numerous times about providing something that could be a new source of revenue? Do you have a talent or strength that should be shared in addition to your company? Perhaps you even have a beautiful space to rent out for the summer or year?

Let your creative juices flow like the abundant lakes and streams and see what new money-making opportunities you create to help others.

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