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3 Examples on How Electronic Communication Can Engage Customers

January 23, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Females in Sports

Yesterday I was fascinated watching New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul presides over an important vote in the New York State Capitol Building in Albany sitting at my desk. I never watched a Senate session in person so having a chance to watch it streaming live was captivating. Each New York State Senator had the opportunity to not only cast their vote but also explain their reasoning behind their decision. I only took one political science class in college and never witnessed laws passed in a live session.

When Twitter announced the New York State Senate vote on the Women’s Reproductive Health Act, I turned it on. Before I lose you thinking this is an editorial on a woman’s right to choose, it is not. It is to enlighten you as you start a new business year how you can participate in live events when you can’t be someplace or how you can bring that technology and services to your constituents so they can participate electronically from afar.

Just before turning on the live Senate session, I was already on my computer being educated for an hour by a woman entrepreneur through Zoom, demonstrating how I could use the products and services she sells. Honestly, if she didn’t demonstrate the products and services to me online, I might not have signed up for it. Having seen it, I did.

Earlier in the day, I saw another tweet about applying for a TCS New York City Marathon’s free entry drawing. The New York City Marathon, like some other marathons, offers giveaway entries to people who don’t have qualifying times to enter on their own or who aren’t running with a charity allowing them to obtain a bib like I did running the 2017 Boston Marathon. By raising money for non-profit organizations, interested marathoners can enter a race under a non-for profit bib helping their organization raise necessary funds to support their services.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom gives you three descriptive examples how organizations, companies and entrepreneurs engage, enlighten, and educate viewers from afar by using video technology. Is 2019 the year you need to learn more about using live streaming, Zoom, and online applications to advance yourself and your business further? All women are not technologically equal. It is perfectly fine to admit it and then take necessarily steps to become more educated through online live seminars, hiring someone to teach you one-on-one or attending seminars in person.

I will not forget witnessing male senators wearing ties and pink scarves yesterday as they voted affirmative for passing this women’s bill or how excited I am to have a chance to run in the New York City Marathon if my entry is chosen or how I bought from a woman entrepreneur from the comfort of my own office. Now it is your turn to use electronic communication for your own and your customer’s benefit.

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