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My Dream – In Honor of Martin Luther King’s Dream

January 21, 2019

Inspiration on Martin Luther King Day for women, women entrepreneurs, women in sports, equality

Photos, videos and memories from two years ago marching side-by-side with thousands of sisters in solidarity for women’s rights awoke me this morning as Facebook shared my memories. There is something powerful about video over photos because you hear words, witness moving reactions, see faces changes, chants being said and feel the palpable feelings. Marching in DC with 110 women was one of my top memories of a lifetime.

Why was it so moving? What made it such a high moment in my life? It was what I mentioned above – the positive energy of thousands of people there in unison with one purpose and cause. The pure energy of a crowd there for the same reasons ignites a part of your memory never to be forgotten. To witness some of my memories, watch the short interview ESPNW took of me at the March speaking about pay equality.

It is also Martin Luther King Day today and although I am not an African American, I am thankful to him for taking hundreds of people with him on marches and having the words to share with people who marched for what he marched for which changed the world. People have been gathering for marches for a centuries and the activity touches the soul of each participant as well as a nation.

Today I want to share my own “dream” again with my viewers since it was inspired by MLK’s dream speech and to honor all the women and men who keep marching for change in this great country of ours. Marches and words can carry us forward with action and inspire others to join us in our pursuit for equality.

Today I have my own feminist dream called “The Pink Globe”

I see a world where all females are treated equal to men.
I view our globe changing from green and blue only to radiating pink from empowered women.
I witness a day when my five nieces are paid an equal wage to my four nephews.
I notice women protecting young girls when predators are close.
I observe enthusiastic packed stadiums of spectators watching female athletes compete in sports.
I notice women buying from businesswomen first investing in a stronger financial circle for females.
I smell home cooked food of women sharing meals served with love for hungry females.
I see women hugging each other during times of defeat and celebration no matter their color, age, heritage, religion, sexual identification or economic status.
I hear soft whispers of prayers as women pray for their sisters living with a poor health diagnosis lifting them to wellbeing.
I see a government where 50% of elected officials are women lending a female perspective to law making.
I eavesdrop on motivational words of experienced career women to young professional females ensuring they ask for a higher salary and aid in propelling them higher in their careers.
I notice women sharing their personal #MeToo moments to protect the next generation.
I view only empowering, loving voices lifting up young girls as they develop.
I witness more women achieving higher goals in sports and the media sharing it with their viewers.
I watch women climb taller mountains with the peaks filled with women supporting each other’s climb.
I dream equality for all things woman.
It is possible.

Thank you Dr. King and the women who marched this weekend for human and women’s rights which are also human rights, we honor and applaud you.

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