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Wisdom on the “Entrepreneurial Survivor Game”

December 20, 2018

Inspiration, Thursday Thoughts and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, women in sports and Small Businesses

There is something intriguing about the social game played on the popular television show “Survivor.” This year’s theme made it even more captivating when the contestants were put in the categories of “David” or “Goliath.” The Davids were contestants who were underdogs in life who were always overcoming obstacles. The Goliaths were contestants who used their advantages in life – such as good looks, athleticism, etc. to succeed. I think most people watching the season could put themselves in either of the categories.

In last night’s finale, it was down to three contestants remaining – 1 David and 2 Goliaths. Each pitching the reason they should receive votes from a jury of peers. The most amazing twist of events is the majority of the Goliaths voted for the one David to win the show. How did a David win over the big, burly men and confident, beautiful women of the Goliaths to vote for him? It came from respect. Respect on how the winner Nick played the game respecting people individually and forming personal relationships with many people.

He also won by sweeping the last three physical challenges by using his patience, brains and fortitude to win – traits any person labeled a David or Goliath can possess. Nick had the winning combination of brains and brawn as well as human characteristics that attracted him to many friends who trusted him to go to the end of the game with him. Most likely his giving spirit in real life work as a lawyer in Southeast Tennessee shined a light on his goodness.

The take-away for me as a 23 woman entrepreneur is the fact that women in business can only survive if they also blend respect, wits, fortitude and trust by others. Honestly our physical appearance or IQ doesn’t make us the perfect vendor for a customer, it’s the emotional factor. If we can be authentic, great human beings using our intelligence, strengthen and dependence with others, we win the “Entrepreneurial Survivor Game” by outwitting, outplaying and outlasting our competition that don’t operate the way we do. I believe being a really good person who treats others well while playing at the height of their instincts, background and wisdom can win any game in life – especially the business one.

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