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Wednesday Wisdom: The Biggest Blessings in Business

December 19, 2018

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The front of our annual holiday family card has a warm brown background with light sparkles and the words, “The Biggest Blessings are in the Smallest Moments.” I bet if you stopped for a few minutes to reminisce about 2018 you would agree. Give yourself a couple moments right now to let your mind drift through January, March, June, September and November to catch a glimpse at the biggest blessings you received in the smallest moments of time. Do you have them framed in your mind?

When I think back at 2018 it is easy for me to focus on the negative life-altering changes in my life beginning with the loss of my beautiful stepmother of 40 years to Alzheimer’s and her unending love for me and my siblings. It was followed with the loss of my entire head of hair followed by a six month medical sabbatical to cope with new health plans and my “new” public relations persona. I discovered I had to be extremely dutiful to my health above all else to start moving forward again.

While personal life was happening, I was unable to hold onto the large number of women entrepreneurs coming to events and staying involved with the company but I didn’t have a choice because my health dictated otherwise. Ultimately the small moments that gave me the biggest blessings were from Women TIES members and friends who visited me poolside for two hour chats about their life and business and the women who remained members and sent words of encouragement knowing the shoe could easily be on the other foot. Every single personal touch to me was like receiving a million dollars.

Honestly my actual bank account shows a smaller amount than it was last year and my shining bald head has no hair left but my heart and spirit are so much larger and better because of the touches of love from women all over the state, country and even the world where some of my biggest supporters are. Would I turn the clock back to December 18, 2017 to have my stepmother by my side, hair flowing down my back and confidence in what God had for my plans? Yes in many ways I would; but not really because I have grown in the 365 days of 2018 to levels I could not have imagined if life and business stayed the same.

Sanibel Island, Florida photograph by Tracy C. Higginbotham

My hope for you on this second to last Wednesday Wisdom of the year is to ask yourself the same question. Would you change 2018 for better personal or business results? What lessons would you miss if you didn’t experience 2018 the exact way it rolled out? How much less wiser would you be if the beautiful moments didn’t take place in the midst of the anguish? Who wouldn’t have showed up in your life stronger if you weren’t tested with the pain and lost hope for a better tomorrow?

The word ‘rejoice’ means to be incredibly happy or to express your incredible happiness. I admit to you today that I rejoice every single day knowing the women in my life who allow me the blessed opportunity to know, promote and connect them. They are equally a source of incredible happiness for me today as when I began my mission of supporting other women in business 23 years ago.

My wish for you this holiday season, and into 2019, is to find incredible happiness in your personal and corporate mission to make the world better. I send you love, joy and health this Christmas and New Year.

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