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Give Girls You Love the Gift of Sports

December 17, 2018

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I have a wish for you as 2018 comes to an end and it has to do with girls in your life – you know the ones that wish they could play sports or do play sports – it is for you to encourage them to get into the game or keep up in their sport more often!

As I watched my two nieces play sports last year, I was so excited to be there cheering them on. They know I am the aunt who can rattle off the names of all the NFL quarterbacks and who met Billie Jean King in October. They also know I have loved playing sports since I was young when technology wasn’t all there was to life and our television was thrown out for a couple years which forced my sister and I to play outside on the lake we grew up on or with neighborhood kids like us. Sports were much more compelling than anything on an electronic device.

I was lucky – really lucky – to have adults who gave me the love of sports simply by encouraging me to play them anytime the opportunity came up. I was in second grade when Title IX was passed in 1972 and didn’t know much about it at the time. But I was fortunate in 1979 to be on the boy’s swim team when they didn’t have enough funding for the girl’s team. Me and my three female teammates broke some school records that might still stand today because of our decision to swim with the guys.

Adam, Tracy and Thomas Higginbotham

Having sons who played sports was exhilarating especially seeing my first son grow to 6’4” tall and followed in his grandfather’s footsteps of playing basketball and my youngest son picked up a lacrosse stick in sixth grade to become a great player like my father did in college. I wasn’t blessed with girls to encourage so I turned my attention to my nieces who play basketball, cross country and lacrosse. Although they don’t live close to me, I get in my car to drive two or seven hours for one game each season to cheer them on.

As 2019 approaches, I hope you will encourage the young girls in your life to get involved with sports. It is a proven fact that girls that play sports become better leaders later in life. What more can you ask for than that since athletics provide them with confidence, peace of mind and health that comes along with playing and loving sports in their youth and even into adulthood.

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