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Wednesday Wisdom: Ramp Up Your Cash Flow Entrepreneurs

November 28, 2018

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, and Small Business

The snow is falling lightly outside my window this morning creating the backdrop for my computer as I turn it on. The snow is actually falling at a slower rate than the number of emails it received the last two days with Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. You might be especially pleased today’s Wednesday Wisdom is only an inspirational message from me to you with thoughts of inspiring you this mid-week business day like I’ve done for fourteen years.

But if you were honest with me, would you admit you wished you sent out a Cyber Monday sales blitz to wrangle in new and old customers or sent a communication piece out if you are a non-for-profit? In fact, current statistics say Cyber Monday raked in a record-breaking $7.8 BILLION and $6.22 BILLION in online sales for Black Friday. There are not statistics yet for Giving Tuesday but last year it raised $274 MILLION in donations. So much for me making you feel better about the Thanksgiving weekend of shopping being over and missing out on it right? I’m sorry but these statistics are too much to pass up if you are a woman entrepreneur looking for ways to increase revenue.

As sure as the snow is falling so are more holiday marketing events to partake in such as President’s Day, Memorial Day, etc. You name it any small business can create any marketing pitch they want if they plan and schedule it. The best time to think about it is now until the end of the year when you are planning for 2019. Take a look at some of the specials that caught your eye this year and store the ideas in a marketing planning document for the New Year.

If you spend time right now – or every day – adding ideas to your sales and marketing calendars you will have enough time to reap the financial rewards soon just like millions of other small businesses. In fact, there is still 26 days or 3 weeks until Christmas to draft and market holiday and 2019 business specials. You just have to stop looking out the window at the beautiful snow to begin.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspirationally whip you into action on creating bright, new sales specials to generate some green stuff in the next three weeks. Have you ever heard of last minute shoppers or bargain hunters? Don’t you already have a marketing platform with email lists and social media marketing sites to promote the bargains? I bet you also have time this week to plan what, when and how you’ll capture more money before the holiday season ends. What are you waiting for – the snow to end?

I promise next week’s Wednesday Wisdom won’t be full of marketing specials IF you get going today on ramping up your holiday sales. But just in case you wish this was only an inspirational piece today – here is the snow falling outside. Enjoy!

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