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The Gifts to You this Giving Tuesday

November 27, 2018

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs, women in business, women in sports

Upon bending down to unplug the sparkling multicolor lights on our fresh cut Christmas tree, a soft smell of pine rose in the air. It was so beautiful; I had to lower my head again for another whiff of its fragrance only gracing our house for the next month. The lights with their brilliance and differing hues always catch my eye and its prickliness scratches me when I am too close, but its smell had eluded me until this simple moment.

As I walked out of the room into my dining room, the all-encompassing warmth of my fireplace invited me to stop and rest for a couple minutes for a morning business break. Its rich orange and yellow flames gave me respite within a busy morning of trying to attract more women to an event on Thursday. My body tight from typing too fast, this sliver of heat stopped me in my tracks long enough to appreciate the fact I’m not cold on such a damp day.

When I returned to my desk, I saw many new “Giving Tuesday” requests for donations to support worthy causes, some of them with personal connections and others not. I understand fundraising monies help non-for-profits provide needed services and programs to the national and global community. As I felt sadness about not being able to give to them all, I concentrated instead on two of them which meant the most to me. I was quickly reminded of the $500 donated in my name to the Alopecia Areata Foundation on my November 7th birthday this year and grateful for the donors who contributed on my behalf.

I hope today no matter where you are or what you are doing and whether you are “giving” or not on this new extended Thanksgiving Weekend holiday, you stop to smell the ‘roses’ in your life, feel the warmth of the people involved with it, and be grateful for the generous gifts you ‘give’ year round to the people, customers and causes that mean the most to you.

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