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Gratitude for Clients

April 25, 2018

Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, and Small Businesses in New York State

For a couple years now, I have purchased and listened to Oprah and Deepka Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation series. The one I’m re-listening to today is called “Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude.” The peaceful music and mantras are great for well-being and positive energy.

Oprah said today, “Gratitude opens up a space of light in every experience. Actually it lights up the light and path for grace to flow.” She reminds listeners Pope Francis said, “Grace is not knowledge or reason; but rather grace is the amount of light in our souls.”

I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude yesterday as I shared a very personal and honest video message with my cherished members about my current medical sabbatical dealing with a non-life threatening condition but one that is taking me visually out of my business for awhile since I have lost 90% of my hair. I have always been an honest and open person so it felt right to speak into a camera and reach them through a more personal means of communication.

This morning as I awoke to read over 22 heartwarming written responses from the video message I was enveloped in a cushion of kindness from women I work with that included messages of love, support, and offers of visits. If grace is the amount of light in our souls, I am full of abundant grace this morning from the light these women – actually customers – brought to me. I know my feelings for them transcend Wall Street business protocol but I don’t care because in my mind the best type of clients are not only the ones you serve with ultimate customer service and respect, but ones with feelings of gratitude for you and your work.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should inspire you to think of the answers to the following questions. How do you feel about your current clients? Do they inspire you every day to do better for them or improve services or products to meet their needs? Are you actively fostering a win-win relationship for both of you? Do you speak how you feel about them so they know you care about your relationship? We don’t need to wait until Bosses Day, Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day to express our gratitude or feelings for clients. Figure out where you are lacking or over compensating in your customer service relationships to make them better.

I might just be someone who feels so darned blessed to be working with amazing women that I can’t help but pour my heart out to them at times when I feel the love, gratitude or grace; but entrepreneurship to me wouldn’t be worth the effort if I didn’t have customers on the other end who wanted to receive what I have to offer in all aspects of doing business with me.

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  1. April 25, 2018 3:14 pm

    Beautifully put Tracy! And I believe that true feelings of gratitude help heal! Take care!


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