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The Six P’s to a Life of Extraordinary Design

April 23, 2018

Inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs, females and small business owners

Inspiration and motivation come from unexpected sources. One never knows if what they are reading, listening to or viewing will touch a chord within them that vibrates unexpectedly and loud. I think it’s what makes life so unbelievable.

Friday I was listening to a meditation during my medical sabbatical which said at the beginning of the fifteen minute reflection, “Everyone, including you, can have a life of extraordinary design.” As I entered the mediation with water bubbling in the background like a fresh spring stream, I thought first to myself, “I have already lived a life of extraordinary design as an entrepreneur making each day the way I wanted it to be with the best people, customers and friends by my side; and with adventure in my passion for running and sports.” A knowing calm made my skin rise with goose bumps.

As the meditation continued and I thought of my current state of being away from my business, for three weeks already trying to take care of myself waiting for my health condition to improve and stay connected to the women I love, I started thinking what I could do with the rest of the sabbatical to keep crafting a life of extraordinary design during and after this temporary pause in my career life path. When the soft sounding bell rang to end the meditation, I took a pen and immediately wrote the origins of a three year plan that surfaced in my 15 minutes of quiet and calm. The words I wrote were “preparation, planning, platform, pitch, practice and performance.” I’m not quite ready to divulge what the end goal is by 2020 but I can tell you the thought of the dream shimmered into my mind like golden stardust.

Today’s Monday Motivation lesson might inspire you to complete these six P’s and apply them to your life whether its starting a new interest like painting or singing, training to run a half marathon, starting a new part of your current business model or anything else that graces your mind and heart. Anyone can prepare for a more extraordinary life if they realize they aren’t living it right now and want to change course. It can also be for anyone interested in a new challenge.

I think those six P’s can take you anywhere. I’ll let you know where my six P’s take me in a few more months when all is good! I promise.

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