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Beautiful Insights from the Women’s March

January 22, 2018

Inspiration from the CNY Women Rising Weekend and Women’s March

The last image I recorded during our “CNY Women Rising Weekend” was of two little girl basketball players racing across the gigantic Carrier Dome basketball court in front of thousands of people to shoot a once-in-a-life-time bucket in the very tall adult basket. The crowd erupted when one girl sunk one big shot. The image of them on that court reminds me of the will of millions of women marching together across the United States and world for their future where anything is possible.

As I awake this Monday Morning with an overflowing female heart after an uplifting and active weekend, three images cross my mind. These are the visuals and words I want you to remember along with the thousands of photos of women marching as sisters in solidarity:

* Five 18 year old female college students attending the march and rally at Art Rage Gallery turned to me after hearing my “See Pink. Buy Pink. Live Pink Mission” and asked me where there was a woman-owned business they could “spend their money” at immediately engaging in my mission. We shared the names of a couple and they left. Within the hour we ended up at the same restaurant, as these young feminists, and joined them in more conversation and cheers to women. They offered to volunteer for my company. The world looks hopeful with them as our future. One of them wants to be the President of the United States; I told her I would work to get her elected.

* A brave woman addressed a crowd of forty women sharing her story of rape, survival, incarceration and eventual triumph leading her to complete Bachelors and Masters degrees and entering a Ph.D. program. She also runs a business to help incarcerated people transition back into society. As she relived her history and talked about her future she was strong, resilient and determined to make her life experiences help others. She was simply amazing.

* In the middle of the CNY Women Rising March, we stopped at Art Rage Gallery to listen to empowering female presenters, artists and musicians. The opening singer started with the song “Amazing Grace” and then Audra Day’s “Rise Up” song filled the room as men and women, black and white, gay and straight people all started singing, dancing and celebrating each other. I wish FOX news was in the center of the room witnessing this inclusive audience of American people. An 85 year old woman also spoke of her life growing up after the 19th Amendment was signed and a 25 year old Muslim American shared her story of being an immigrant in a country where “She loves America as much as anyone else.”

The weekend was simply beautiful – really beautiful. If only the harshness around the globe could be enveloped in this peaceful pink power long enough to let it seep into their hearts and change their minds about injustice, inequality and cruelty towards other humans, they could change. Women prove our world is good. We rise up to show this. We rise up to share the message and demonstrate how it can be done and how we can live.

Let these examples rest in your mind, heart and spirit for the next year until the Women’s March again. I hope it transforms you enough to live a life that is female focused, kind, peaceful full of equality and feminist services to make a difference in your community. My company Women TIES will continue to spread our mission of “See Pink. Buy Pink. Live Pink.” until everyone understands it.

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