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She Believed She Could, So She Did – Insights on the Women’s March on Washington

January 19, 2018

As the Anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington approaches and we launch the CNY Women Rising Weekend in Syracuse with a business networking event tonight (1/19), the Women’s March on Saturday (1/20), and the SU Women’s Basketball Game on Sunday (1/21), I want to inspire you with this repost about my experience marching in DC last year. If it moves you, please join me this weekend. View details at Tracy

Women TIES

Inspiration and wisdom from the Women’s March on Washington for women entrepreneurs


“She believed she could, so she did,” is the saying on the bracelet on my left arm given to me by my friend Susan Bertrand of Maureen’s Hope Foundation, worn all the way the Women’s March on DC and back. Not only did I believe but so did the 110 women who traveled with me via bus with an friendly bus driver who performed a light show for us as we sang Donna Summer songs when the trip got long.

After landing in Fredrick Maryland for the night before the March, I threw a dinner reception for all these women who did not know each other. Some were in their 70s, a few in the 20s, some African American and some white, a few were Jewish and others Catholic but we instantly bonded over one cause, one…

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