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Simple Holiday Marketing Idea for Entrepreneurs

December 12, 2017

Marketing Wisdom and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

I am known in my circle of women entrepreneurs as being an “insane marketer” and that does not mean I am crazy but rather I love thinking of ways to market to my customers to keep my company’s mission and brand in their minds.

Today I was thinking about a simple holiday marketing idea women entrepreneurs could do in the next few days. Consider sending simple holiday postcards or cards to women who have attended your events this past year or ordered only once from you, telling them you enjoyed meeting them and hope to see them again in the New Year. At the very bottom of the card, place your website or Facebook page addresses so they can follow you in 2018.

I believe they will be surprised at the holiday gesture which will make them remember you and your company as 2018 rolls around. Sometimes showing a simple gesture of warmth, touches women in unexpected ways.

All it will cost you is a box or two of postcards or holiday cards, a book or two of stamps and about an hour of your time. If you get one new customer for 2018 from the marketing gesture, it will be worth the cost.

You could also slip in a coupon for a 2018 special as a small gift to them. Be creative. Be kind. Market away. You will see the results in 2018! Cheers.

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