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Wednesday Wisdom: The Silence Breakers

December 6, 2017

Inspiration, Wisdom and Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

I had to wait to see what was about to be announced. I hoped with all my heart it would be a female on the cover of Time Magazine Person of the Year since in my opinion this has been the year of women stepping up in our country. I flashed back to a warm May 2017 day testifying in front of the New York State Labor Commissioner and her panel of 8 women listening to reasons our government needs to pass a state pay equality bill; because until a law is passed women entrepreneurs will continue to under price their services too.

Then my memory jumped to images of pink hats, signs and two busloads of women from Central New York traveling with me to Washington in January and an interview in front of the Capitol building with ESPNW where I spoke about Women TIES Mission of women buying from women to help eradicate pay inequality. Young women jumped in the background after the interview cementing my words with their excitement.

When I announced and promoted the fact I was taking women to the Women’s March, I received calls from women all over the state asking me about details, but more importantly sharing their stories of rape, sexual harassment in the work place, losing a son to AIDS, worrying about their handicapped son not being treated well and so much more. I was touched by every story. It changed me. It made me more resolute to do what I could for all women period – not just women in business although that is where my true passion resides – but for all female causes.

Although some of my followers did not agree with my decision to go to Washington DC, which affected the number of members and friends, I had to go and bring women with me that wanted to go. It was about showing support for the gender I love -women. You can imagine how glad I was to see Time Magazine’s cover “The Silence Breakers” revealed starring women who broke their silence through the #MeToo movement.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is a salute to every single woman who has withstood pay inequality, injustice, sexual harassment, and gender inequality. I am sure if you are reading this you have experienced some form of injustice or inequality in your lifetime. It is also to remind you that women have been the ones to share your story and emotions with and who inspire us to fight on. Today, appreciate the women who have stuck by you and elevated you when life was tough.

I also want you to mark your calendar for the weekend of January 19-21, 2018 when Women TIES, along with the New Feminists for Justice, a group that created the Syracuse Women’s March last year, will produce a non-political celebratory weekend for women and girls including an empowering business and networking event on Friday, Women’s March on Saturday, and attend the Syracuse University Women’s Basketball team trying to break an attendance record on Sunday. Please join me shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand as we kick-off “the year of women.”

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