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Looking Into 2018

November 29, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration and Advice for New York State Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of speaking to a female reporter from New York Magazine who discovered the fact I had taken 110 women to the Women’s March on Washington in January. She was composing a story for the one year anniversary of the event and wanted to speak to women who participated in the March and how it had changed their lives. Always being someone open to talking to media, I accepted her invitation.

The one hour in-depth interview covered many topics especially the origins of Women TIES along with my increasingly feminist spirit to not only help women entrepreneurs, but to speak about about pay inequality, and encouraging more women to support female athletes. She asked if this new spirit was born from the March. I told her I didn’t think so but it was strengthened by the almost one million women I witnessed positively standing shoulder to shoulder in support of all things women.

“When did you change Tracy?” she asked. I said, “I guess I never realized until this year that the female activist has been inside me all along.” Earlier in the week, a local group who coordinated the Syracuse Women’s March asked me to work with them to create one here on January 20, 2018. I agreed but suggested we could broaden the event into a “Weekend Celebration of Women” starting with a business empowerment program produced by Women TIES on Friday, the March on Saturday and a large attendance of women at the Syracuse University Women’s Basketball Game on Sunday. Why not make the entire weekend, a pro-female celebration of unity, peace and movement.

Just like earlier this year, I will be inviting every woman I know through our membership, readership, events and social media connections to come together and celebrate with me and other women to keep the movement and spirit of the Women’s March continuing. It will not have a political spin to it just women celebrating women.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to encourage you to embrace everything good about you and to share it with the world in 2018. We need more women standing up, sharing, and collaborating to make this world more powerful and positive through our actions. It does not mean you have to be political; it means you have to get involved and unite with women of similar interests whether that’s women in business, with similar community interests, or with social causes that move your heart and spirit.

I believe 2018 will be the year of the woman and I want you to join Women TIES as we expand our reach beyond just business to incorporate more social and community activities to bring women together. The world will never change for the better unless more women unite and stand up to support other women in more areas of life. Mark your calendar for January 19-21, 2018 and stay tuned for details. I want you at our events to lend your own unique perspective and energy.

As New York State Lt. General Kathy Hochul said at our POWER Conference in September, “100 years from now, what will women say about the women of today and how they made the world a better place for women?” I want to be one of the women that is making that positive change to last another 100 years. Will you join me?

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