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Increasing Revenue Takes Effort

November 27, 2017

Marketing Monday Wisdom on Sales for Women Entrepreneurs

Another Monday has arrived and whether you look forward to it with anticipation and excitement as a professional probably is influenced with how you ended your business week last week or the rest, rejuvenation and enjoyment you found over the Thanksgiving holiday There is something very appealing to Monday mornings if you are an entrepreneur because if you are like me you are excited about ways to increase revenue.

If you are having trouble finding motivation behind doing sales at the start of a new work week, I hope today’s Marketing Monday post called “Increasing Revenue Takes Effort” which was delivered by sales expert Lynn Hidy of at a meeting last year for my company Women TIES will inform and motivate you in your sales efforts this week.

Increasing Revenue Takes E.F.F.O.R.T

E- Enthusiasm
* Ask your customers why they do business with you and what keeps them coming back.
* Ask them “why choose to do business with you vs. any other similar company/organization?”

F – Focus
* Focus is critical in generating more money. You must focus on specific revenue generating activities all the time whether you like it or not.
* Set an appointment with yourself on your calendar to make sales calls.

F – Forecast
* Focus is crucial in generating more money. Focus needs to be specific revenue generation energy.
* Set an appointment with yourself so you can focus and concentrate on sales activities.
* Women entrepreneurs do not spend enough time forecasting. Forecasting can help drive your sales activity!

O – Optimize
* Create an ideal customer profile of who your best customers are.
* Know where your clients are from and when you can allow yourself to be in the right time and place to meet them.
* Put yourself in the position to have a great sales conversation.

R – Results
* Conduct a survey of current customers because the goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight and insight into making decisions.
* You must know your clients well enough to know when a potential customer does not fit your client profile. If they don’t “qualify”, let them go.

TT – Talk Tracts
* Create good scripts to qualify prospects.
* Know how you will handle any objections.
* Make sure you know how to close a membership sale.

I wish you a fantastic and productive revenue producing week ahead. Believe that anything is possible if you put your focus and effort into achieving your goals.

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