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Simple Marketing Advice Today – Follow Your Favorites

September 25, 2017

Marketing wisdom for women entrepreneurs and small businesses

Today’s Monday Marketing tip is a short one because as CEO of my company WOMEN TIES I am preparing for a big 110 person event with 11 speakers and 20 sponsors on Wednesday to inspire my audience of women entrepreneurs. There are a lot of marketing details that go into planning that size event – all which I love to do.So my advice for you today is simply “watch and imitate companies you love” especially when it comes to marketing.

Last night as I watched my all time favorite group The Dave Matthews Band perform a charity concert for peace and unity in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was swept away with the speakers’ words, music, meaning and energy behind the event including tunes from Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande and more. The audience had to be 20,000 or more and everyone was loving the event. I thought to myself, I want my 110 women to feel the same way at my event – how can I do that?

I now plan on having a different marketing speech for the event – one with more energy and passion – to move my audience. Thanks to Dave Matthews I am inspired to market at this event differently.

You can do the same with your company. Take cues from your favorite brand companies, organizations and community leaders. Incorporate their marketing success strategies into your own. Rock it out if that’s what you like or prepare everything perfectly like Martha Stewart or be giggly like Rachel! You can create your own mood for your corporate events or client communication and by doing so you attractive similar women to run with you.

Be fun today. Be festive. Learn from others.

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